Working With Us

Hawk Meadow Homecraft is a small, customer oriented business. We generally run only one or two jobs at a time, giving your project our full attention.

Being invited to work in your home is a special privilege that we appreciate very much. Remodeling can be invasive, dusty and disruptive work. Occasionally large projects are so extensive that customers must find other housing for a while.

But most often homeowners stay in the home during the work, sometimes making temporary bathroom or kitchen arrangements. We become daily visitors in your home - and ideally we become welcome guests. We enjoy getting to know you and your family, your children and pets, and we take care to respect the security and safety of your home.

Our goal is to share with you the satisfaction of working together, helping you bring your visions into reality.

Working with us

  1. First visit
  2. The proposal
  3. The contract
  4. Constructing the project
  5. Our team
  6. Changes to the work
  7. Substantial completion
  8. End of the job