Our Customers

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working for many people in Bellingham and the surrounding area. Some of these people may be your neighbors. Below are some of the things they have had to say about working with Hawk Meadow Homecraft.


We first hired Bob to help us rebuild our mother-in-law suite. Here he helped with difficult finish work that our other contractor could not do. Bob was fast and efficient, and the product we have is outstanding. Specifically, Bob was able to work around challenges like walls that were not straight or plumb. The finish work Bob did is beautiful to this day and really makes our mother-in-law suite look fantastic.

Three years ago we hired Bob again to help with a major remodel. We initially hired him to make window frames, and then brought him on to the project to help with framing. Bob was very helpful with design ideas and helped to choose a design for our windows that matched the character of our house.

Bob was also helpful figuring out structural details that were not fully outlined on our house plans. His building expertise helped us make some important decisions on what we wanted for the character and design. His ideas also saved us money as they were more efficient and saved time.

Overall, it has been a pleasure working with Bob and we highly recommend him.

Dean Fearing & Nicole Oliver

In 2003, my wife and I contracted to do a major remodeling project on our house in Sudden Valley. While this project involved numerous small jobs inside and outside the house, including some stone work and other minor improvements, the main portion focused on our rear deck. Up until then, this deck, which is off the upstairs of the house, had a cedar floor with spaces between the boards allowing detritus to penetrate into the area below. This lower area had a narrow, rough, concrete floor and was usable for nothing but stacking tools and wood-when we still used a wood-burning stove. The plan was to convert the upper deck to a solid, tile floor and widen the lower deck equal to the upper with cedar floor and ceiling, including recessed lighting, to where it would be almost like another room off the downstairs of the house. This was a major project and at times involved several carpenters, among whom Bob Penny was the lead.

The result of Bob's ingenuity and craftsmanship has been a pair of showpiece decks which never fail to draw the admiration of visitors whenever they step onto either one. Little touches in the beveling of the wood simply add to the overall effect of style and craft. In addition to several inside-the-house items he handled equally deftly, Bob also had the responsibility of coordinating a number of sub-contractors on the outside project, including the installers of the upper deck's tile floor and of all new drain pipes. My wife and I can say in addition that we both developed a personal fondness for Bob during the time he worked on the house and have come to consider him a good friend.

Philip & Ann Damon

Hawk Meadow Homecraft brough insight, craft, and expertise to our remodel, enabling us to modernize the living space of our Victorian home while retaining its classic lines and features. Bob started and finished on time, proving both professional and easy to work with. We'd hire him again.

Steve VanderStaay & Mary Metzger

Bob is a craftsman who pays attention to aesthetic details. He clearly enjoys working with wood. It was a highlight of our home renovation to watch Bob work with his homemade wood steamer contraption to get the curve just right on the wood for our roof line. Bob and the crew he worked with were always very considerate and tried to minimize the discomforts of living in a house that was also a construction zone. Overall, our home renovation experience was a positive one in both the process and the final outcome. We really enjoy our "new" home.

Gene Myers & Mardi Soloman